The Integral Society

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By George M Grow Jr

George M Grow Jr, GrowHow, George Grow

In the Books of Life, there is a metaphysical and a sociological arc. Both extend over the entire history of humanity, including the future, into which always some individuals, a few outsiders, but certainly no entire societies have occurred

Both arcs follow my theory of history: the walk of man and humanity in three phases. Accordingly, the major roles in the Books of Life are divided into five types:

  • Temporary outsiders, who are not excluded but exclude themselves from society, as soon as the rationalistic, mechanistic zeitgeist has deprived them of their live and liveliness again (Wald Whittman, Edward Kay, Mrs. Stadnikow, Old Janosch , Mr. Gildersleeve, Babir, Dr. Weingartner, etc.).
  • Outsiders who have been excluded from society as norm-breakers (The Beggars, The seminar leader, Leo the Gypsy, The Prince, Chad, The 13th Wise Woman, Osama bin Laden, The ex-Muslim Maher the Painter, Old John, The Sidhi, Sleeping Beauty, etc.).
  • Ordinary people have the task of questioning the outsiders’ views critically, every now and then, the metaphysics designed by me, or of trying to cause them to fall, as well as to expose them as to be absurd and ridiculous. Thereby, neither the storyteller nor the events anticipates a decision on this matter (Wald’s friend and narrator, Craig McNealy, Prof. Kapinsky, The Sleeping Beauty, The Rationalists, The Heirs of Fate, The citizens of Peterborough, Dr. Sick, Lynnette, etc.).
  • Law enforcers investigate whether the subjects about what the ordinary people and the outsiders are arguing (in particular about the metaphysics designed by me) are in conflict with the law or whether their integration into society is conceivable or not (Inspector, Commissioner, Sergeant, Sheriff, Dr. Kessler, etc.).
  • Villains put conviction and attitudes to grave test, so that they can be abandoned or deepened and refined (Islamists, Terrorists, The Assassin, The Brothers of the Woods, etc.).

George M Grow Jr, GrowHow, George Grow


Being an outsider can also imply freedom and better possibilities. Everything new is at 36located in the periphery, on the edge, beyond the usual: new experiences, possibilities, innovations, meanings, findings, etc. He who never quits his routine, never jumps over his own shadow, never goes through himself, never looks beyond his own nose, remains far behind his possibilities, remains an object of hidden powers and isolated of the special and superior, which can be the beautiful and the good and bliss and fortune at all.

Outsiders have yet another advantage: they often have the opportunity to be alone, to collect themselves and to concentrate something valuable. As a rule, outsiders are better informed, read books and know the position from which things can be better seen and observed.

George M Grow Jr, GrowHow, George Grow


Contents are integral contents. The Books of Life unite:

  • Tradition and modernity
  • Cult and culture
  • Theism and atheism
  • Metaphysics and science
  • Metaphysics and evolution
  • Individuality and society
  • Minorities and majority
  • Zeitgeist and vision

George M Grow Jr, GrowHow, George Grow


To keep the threshold between the predominant norm and the outsiders low, during the book production, I adhered to some self-imposed rules:

  • Positive atmosphere: The literature should be prosaic, narrative, pictorial, imaginative, inspiring and, above all, uplifting.
  • Vivid characters: Despite their complexity, the characters should become visible and animated in the fantasy immediately and seduce us to go along with them.
  • A language that is easily understood and omits abstract concepts such as “soul”, “hereafter”, etc.
  • Simple and at the same time witty dialogues
  • Humor and a pinch of irony
  • Critical confrontation in which different worlds collide funnily
  • Neutral position of the narrator
  • Open end
  • Scientific optimism
  • Style Real Fantasy
  • Visions and utopia (four Books of Life design the future as it could be in 500 years, and they lead into an existence and to metaphysics, as they could be part of the mainstream in 500 years. By shifting ideas, theories, innovations, etc. into a distant future, they become less of a threat. The threshold between the norm and the special drops and the step from utopia to Urtopia appears conceivable.
  • Access to ideas, innovations, etc.

George M Grow Jr, GrowHow, George Grow


The Books of Life are a milestone in modern metaphysics and integral art of living and science.

© George M Grow Jr

George M Grow Jr, GrowHow, George Grow