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Wald vorne 2019 yeah Kopie

290 pages

Wald Rückseite 2019 yeah

Reading 1 First capter

Reading 2 The Sidhi

Reading 3 The Pearl of the Orient


Wald is a race against time, an old magician, the Rationalists, the Prince, the Leader of the Free Arab Tribes, the Pearl of the Orient and the most sought-after terrorist in the world, the late Mr. Osama bin Laden for the key of the world.

George M Grow Jr, GrowHow, George Grow


In his magnum opus, Grow proceeds from the assumption that even at the beginning of the Third Millennium, the perennial questions, such us the meaning of life, the philosopher’s stone, the soul and the nature of God but also questions about society, individuality and the state are still open.

Liberated from the zeitgeist, escaped from a pointless life of parties, sex and drugs, the lottery grand prize winner Wald Whittman follows an amazing series of coincidences to his uncle’s estate, where he goes to recover, on to India and into the far north of Kashmir, where everything which was revealed to him in the loneliness of his uncle’s Books of Life, Bücher des Lebens, Graphic novelestate at the Grossrussbach coalesces and turns into an enduring lesson. Is he really the long-awaited prophet that people think him to be? Will the angel appear to prove his authenticity? For Wald, prophets, magicians, angels and an Allah who exists outside our world are all nonsense. The fanatical terrorists who have imposed a fatwa on his friend Maher and are hot on Wald’s heels from Vienna to Kashmir, have a completely different notion about those things, as well as the nameless, irreligious narrator who Wald has asked to write down this story. In the foreground of the full-fledged, witty, enlightening discourse about existence and appearance, in the company of the retired, comical, cold-blooded US Californian Craig McNealy, who accompanies the entire story, one based on real events, Wald meets an old magician, the Rationalist, the leader of the Free Arab Tribes, the most dangerous man and most sought-after terrorist in the world, the late Mr. Osama bin Laden, and in the care of the Prince, the Pearl of the Orient, the love of his life, the one he has been seeking as long as he can remember. The adventure, love and coming-of age novel Wald – Prophet at a Loss opens a risky Pandora’s box: no end of question that people today are afraid to ask, stream into the course of the story and condense into thrilling, amusing and amazing dialogues, revealing a new worldview and cosmology which seems not only to be more intact, but even more beautiful, meaningful and worth living. Can Wald, after Goethe’s Faust, Hesse’s Siddhartha, Castaneda‘s Don Juan and after everything we know, be an integral milestone of a new era, a new art and a new science? An extraordinary, multi-faceted, amusing read, nothing to shy away from, and a must in anyone‘s book collection.



George M Grow Jr, GrowHow, George Grow

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