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Start your own business. Be independent of any location, property certificate and financial situation. Enjoy traveling around the world or turn your home into a headquarter of action and become successful and rich as a…

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George M Grow Jr, GrowHow, George Grow

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Get in contact with folks [all over the world] and invite them to the adventures, exhibitions, events, projects and sciences you can find on our websites, in the Books of Life® and among our partners inspired by GrowHow®.

Invite folks to get to know the Books of Life® and to join (your own) integral workshops, exhibitions, coachings, events and productions. It doesn’t matter where you stand right now. If you want it, you’ll get it!

Hot stuff!

Moderately visited exhibitions count 200 visitors daily. After one month, that makes 6,000 visitors and with a ticket price of 10 $, a commission of 6,000 $. For every e-Book of Life® a commission of 50 percent.

Create a furor and become rich as a storyteller (in social media), head of mission, editor, George M Grow Jr, Books of Life, Bücher des Lebenskey account manager, activist … or as an entrepreneur using GrowHow® innovations as You are the Integral Re=public®, 4 Boxes,, I-Day-festival, Studio b, Creative Cloud, From the dead to the living, Temple of My Ego®, Latest Shrine®, Angel of the World®, The Philosophers‘ Stone, Garden of the 55®, The World Formula, the World Cultural Center I-Court®, integral science, the Walk of Man & Humankind in 3 Phases, etc. in order to delight your private and commercialcontacts with first class innovation in an entertaining manner.

Set the philosephers‘ stone rolling and make folks lucky with Free-Gift. Surprise them film 1with the 55 modules within the Books of Life. There are hardly any limits to your success.

Discover your potential and design your own strategies. As a partner of GrowHow, you will never be alone! We support you with our expererience and equipe you with advertising, postings and video material, with tips & tricks and free deals for your contacts regularly in order to increase both the wealth of humanity and your sales.

Don‘t waste time! Pick up your dreams and get started. Prepare yourself and obtain information using the Books of Life!

George M Grow Jr, GrowHow, George Grow

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For private & companie partners

George M Grow Jr, GrowHow, George Grow

at 43Fill out the application form so that we can get to know you. It does not matter which milieu you come from: Everyone can grow and everyone finds their audience.

Look at the options. They can give you an first impression of what is possible. If you do not fulfill the requirements yet, no problem! Take some time and try later again.

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George M Grow Jr, GrowHow, George Grow