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The Other way

The Opposite Direction

leads out of the «ideal world» erected by the super-ego and normative environment to the unconscious «realm of shadows».

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After C. G Jung

growhowThe persona (Latin mask) is the representative, outward-looking aspect of ego-consciousness. In the social space, through their persona, the individual person tries to portray an image of their personality that corresponds with their ego ideals. Thus, the persona usually also serves the adaptation to the social environment, insofar as they like to show – at least externally – a social behavior that corresponds to the valid values ​​and norms.

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In a sense, the shadow is the antipole to the persona. The shadow includes areas of    au 8personality and behavior which do not correspond to one’s ego-ideal and usually not to the explicit values ​​of the social environment.

Since the ego-consciousness mostly shun turning towards the «dark sides» of their own personality, the constrution of the shady sides is usually first refelcted and confronted by the social environment.

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berlin a23The shadow is part of the ego-near personal unconscious and consists of those unconscious identifications, aspects, inclinations and characteristics, which are inconsistent with the ego. As long as no conscious confrontation of the ego with the multitude of unconscious shadow aspects happen, they are typically only seen at other people.

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The Other Way and the Books of Life, Exhibition, Mexico City 2018

chemnitz-demo-von-oben-102-resimage_v-variantBig1xN_w-1024This favors the process of projection. Unwholesome parts of the own personality and behavior are involuntarily «attached» to other people. They are blamed for the shadows of their own, even if this does not apply objectively or just to a lesser extent. More than others, conformists tend to build authoritarian «pyres», to pursue «heretics» and destroy dissenters.

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Geroge M Grow Jr, Awaken, You Sleeping Beauty, comedy 85 pages, English, German, Spanish

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George M Grow Jr, GrowHow, George GrowThe critical approach with the shadow, hence its integration through ideational realization, adjustment or change, represents an important and indispensable step on the way of becoming whole or individuation of the personality.


George M Grow Jr, March 2019, “Never Hide”

In the «opposite direction», there are the aspects repressed by the persona and there are  Plan Karte Kopiethe undiscovered treasures which have been withdrawn from the social space. This withdrawal is a predominantly moral problem which requires of the individual to make considerable mental adjustments. This indicates intensified performance in introspection and reflection of one’s own behavior and on  af9ba25fa1e18a6db59600425a10fc39 Kopiethe sociological level of an overall cultural achievement that «takes back» the struggle against the outwardly projected shadows. The «Opposite Direction» leads into the depths of the self and collective consciousness. There is plenty to be found of what we really lack and we secretly long for.

George M Grow Jr & Kattia Watson Carazo

George Grow & Kattia Watson, Rome 2019

George M Grow Jr, GrowHow, George Grow

Innovations in the Other Direction

The Integral Revolution ® / The World Formula ® / The Meaning of Life ® /  The Walk of Engel neu 1 KopieMan and Humankind in 3 Phases ® / The Firery Eye ® / The Temple of Diamonlectics ® / The League of the Horizontally Resurrected ® / You are the Integral Re=public ® / Nation of Will / The Integral Society ® The Integral Value ® Fusion of Tradition and Modernity ® Sleeping Beauty/ The World Cultural Center / Babylon Passage ® / Fusion of Hegel and Marx / Integral Export Culture ® / Ritual-Therapy / Self-Therapy / 4 Boxes / Temple of My Ego ®  / My Life is A Temple / Angel of the World ® / The Split Way / The Multi-Faceted God / The Latest Shrine ® / The Single Giving / Garden of the 55 ® / The Soul / Free will / The Plan_et,  etc.


I-Court – The Worl Culture Center, World Formula in Man and Stone

George M Grow Jr, GrowHow, George Grow

The Other Direction Sociological

berlin14aThe fundamentally positive principle of meritocracy – according to which ideally  every person in a society is assigned to the position they deserve and is rewarded accordingly – has turned into a vulgar form of Darwinism in which measurable productivity is the central, if not the only criterion of the “ideal person”.

(George Grow, Rome 5/2019)

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Under this impression, GrowHow, George Grow, Kattia Watson & Partners are dedicated to replacing “productivity” with “evolution”, the meaning of life, in all areas of life and not just in the business sector, which includes culture, politics, art and not least spirituality in place of religion and heralds the “other way”.

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The Opposite Way – Out of the World of Ideologies

1 (1) We still live under the indomitable influence of ideologies, the vast majority is still satisfied with simple answers such as capitalism, socialism, Catholicism, Hinduism, Buddhism or nihilism. These are neither logical nor they are compatible. The consequence for anyone intelligent is that they take the opposite way in order to come closer to complexity, fulfillment, life, liveliness, the whole truth.

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George Grow, performance “Awaken, You Sleeping Beauty”, Rom 2019

The same happened to the Austrian writer Thomas Bernhard. His report The Cellar sets in the morning, when the sixteen-year-old high school student spontaneously decided on  Thomas-Bernhard+Der-Kellerhis way to school to escape from his hated, seemingly pointless life by taking “the opposite direction”. He takes an apprenticeship in the cellar, a grocery store – as well as the liberating and at the same time stabilising feeling of leading “a useful existence” and to participate in life. In the cellar, on the edge of the Scherzhauserfeldsiedlung in Salzburg, Austria, which is the the run-down ghetto of the aborted, asocials and criminals, Bernhard meets all the outcasts of society, learns to understands them and sides with those lost, disturbed existences.

With that, Bernhard came close in his own way to the meaning of life, as it was supposed to open up to me.

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The Integral Society – The path that underlies all other paths; non-fiction, English, German, Spanish, 100 pages

Staedtebeschimpfungen von Thomas BernhardBernhard’s story is reminiscent of the Hollywood classic Irma la Douce and the scene in which Jack Lemon in the role of the young policeman Nestor Patou is asked how it is possible that he, an honorable citizen, lives in the Rue Casanova, in the red-light district of Paris under whores, criminals and corrupt colleagues. Nestor’s answer:

Indeed, filthy, daring and disreputable, but alive.

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berlin a20One more who took the opposite direction is Franz Kafka. And because his employer did not release him from work in spite of his serious disease, he bent off mentally. Too much he feared the Kafkaesque transformation into an insect, to be eaten up by his everyday life and to sink into self-negation, self-humiliation and repression of reality.

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a79 The opposite direction is a central theme of many writers. With Ingeborg Bachmann we encounter it with the retreat from life and the cultivation of feelings; Robert Musil’s protagonist Ludwig takes a “vacation of life” in order to rid himself of the “interrelation of things”.

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George M Grow as the “Angle of the World” bringing the highest common denominator

Also in my literature and in the works that have come into being around them and my  musil philosophy, the opposite direction plays a central, if not the central role. Generally speaking, it is about the reclamation of complexity, liveliness, of the unforeseen, the metaphysical world, the living universe, which, when we ask it, answers as a whole. The protagonists who choose the opposite direction are mostly outsiders, temporary outsiders or they live in a future that can cause many surprises to us.

George M Grow Jr, GrowHow, George Grow

Ways in the Opposite Direction

The peculiar thing about my philosophical and literary work is that the opposite    at 20direction does no longer appear naive, abstract and absurd, but concrete. The living cosmos is releasing its meaning, its essence and its relation to things and us humans. On my expeditions, a philosophy, a science and a cultural approach of the opposite direction has been coming into existence. If we push far enough in that direction, it can happens to us as it happened to Columbus, who, after a long journey across the vast ocean, discovered land and returned home with many unknown fruits and other treasures.

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According to Grow’s theory of history “The Walk of Man and Humankind in 3 Phases”, for the time being, the final phase is the fusion of phase 1 (unity) and phase 2 (diversity) to integrality.

George M Grow Jr, GrowHow, George Grow


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